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Take a good look at this chart: you can develop your emotional intelligence and enjoy many benefits in interpersonal relationships

“Who cares how many emotions you have, we feel it anyway?” you would think. But to categorize emotions, or to put it more bluntly, “labeling emotions, in fact, it’s important for us not to get lost in our own emotional floods.

This wheel, known as “Emotion Wheel” in English and translated in Turkish with names like Emotion Wheel, Emotion Wheel, in understanding yourself and is believed to have many benefits in interpersonal relationships.

As psychoanalyst Irvin D. Yalom said, “Thoughts are the shadows of our emotions.”

Susan David, a South African psychologist, speaker and author, what is important to us Speaking of it helping to understand what it is, he says:

“Tagging your feelings provides useful information. Your emotions become signals that help you identify what matters most and motivate you to make positive changes.”


Experts in the field of emotions emphasize that a greater awareness of emotions in general also makes relationships with others and social interactions more conscious. So in short one provokes the other. Emotions, meaning given to events; meaning, its implications; Inferences also affect the behavior that will occur.

It is a psychotherapy technique widely used in psychology. Cognitive behavioral therapy In fact, it was the aforementioned ones that formed the basis somewhere. In other words, it was the assumption that “our emotions influence our thoughts and they influence our behavior”.

What is done in this therapy is to try to bring about a change of emotion through behavior change. If here understand your feelings you will learn. In this way, you will increase your awareness of emotions and improve your emotional intelligence by learning new words about emotions.

Now let’s take a closer look at the emotion wheel.

circle of emotions

This wheel, also called the circle of emotions, is an honorary professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Psychologist Robert Plutchik It was developed by in 1980. The number of emotions inside varies in different versions of the wheel. This may be why you get different results when you search the internet for “emotion wheel”.

On the wheel, in the inner circle as it was originally developed 8 basic emotions is found. This; joy, confidence, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger and expectation. The wheel consists of opposing feelings. For example, the opposite of joy is sadness. The opposite of trust is disgust.

Perhaps the first thing you notice about the wheel is why it is so colorful. There are colors, there are layers, there are intertwined feelings… Actually, they all have a meaning. The sharper the colors, the more intense the emotions, for example. As the colors fade, the intensity of the emotion decreases. Layers also symbolize its lighter outer feel. If you have noticed, there are also intermediate emotions formed by the intersection of two emotions.

“How shall we use the circle of emotions?” The answer to the question is here:

wheel of emotion

Naturally to explore your feelings you can use. Ask yourself at any time of the day: “How do I feel right now?”. You can ask the question and explore the emotion wheel for the answer. You can do the same at the end of the day to understand how your day went.

Finally working in psychology There are also professionals who use the wheel. and their number is not insignificant. It can be used by the client to learn more about their feelings and understand what they are feeling.

Sources: DergiPark, Positive Psychology, Psychology Today

Source: Web Tekno



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