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TikTok starts testing the new chatbot “Tako”: it could revolutionize the application!

Recent developments in productive artificial intelligence have led many companies, including giants such as Microsoft and Google, to increase their investments in this field. Now a move has come from the social media platform TikTok.

TikTok,”tachographbegan testing a new AI-powered chatbot he mentioned. Just for now Tested on selected users in the Philippines The model aims to increase the user experience in the application.

Tako has the potential to completely change the search and browsing experience on TikTok

Screenshots of the chatbot named Tako were shared with The Verge by Watchful Technologies. The images show that Tako can be seen above the profile picture on the right. When you click on this chat screen opens.

Your bot, just like any other where he can answer various questions and chat is expressed. There is no information about which artificial intelligence model the platform uses for Tako.

On the other hand, it must be said that the new model has the potential to revolutionize the search and navigation on TikTok. Tako can suggest videos to users based on what they request. For example, when asked for a recipe, the bot can show TikTok videos about it to the user. In the images the king of the United Kingdom III. It can be seen that a question was asked about the importance of Charles’s coronation and a video was shown about it.

TikTok has launched the chatbot “tested to improve the discovery experience”.a limited experimenthe described. No information has been shared about when the artificial intelligence model will be widely released.

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