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The iPhone 15 Pro Max has not yet reached the public but is already facing availability issues. Production of the device according to Ming-Chi Kuo presented last week Apple’s Wonderlust is experiencing a bottleneck due to one of its most complex components: the tetraprism.

As we explained in a dedicated article, it is an important part of the camera system that allows you to have a 5x zoom lens (equivalent to a 120mm lens) on your smartphone. We are looking at a periscope that allows us to increase the range over which light travels in the same area to improve focal length.

Problem producing large quantities of tetraprisms

To perform its function, the tetraprism is supported by other elements of the photo module, such as optical image stabilization. 3D sensor with autofocus. The combination of all these elements results in a sophisticated offering that is exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max and difficult to manufacture.

And in the second we find the problem Kuo points out. This is the first time Apple has implemented this innovation in the camera on its devices, so the entire production of tetraprism lenses is in the hands of Largan Precision Co., a Taiwanese company with limited production capacity.

Now, according to the said expert, Apple has urgently requested Largan Precision Co. to increase the delivery speed of the component in question. Demand for iPhone 15 Pro Max. This surprising demand forced the supplier to change its production plan to suit its customer’s wishes.


In this way, the Taiwanese company had to allocate more resources to increase its capacity in record time, but this did not come for free to Apple. The Cupertino company will have to pay about 20% more for each of the tetraprism lenses used to produce the CCM modules of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

It’s certainly not common to encounter a scenario where Apple pays more to one of its suppliers. Movies directed by Tim Cook in general experts in outlining agreements It is noteworthy that prices are protected and production with wide margins is made.

For example, Apple handed over the production of the newly introduced A17 Pro SoC of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max to TSMC. Since this is a very advanced lithographic process, defects may appear in many plates. Typically these costs are covered by suppliers, but Apple enlisted TSMC to cover them.

It’s too early to know whether Apple’s move towards tetraprisms will be enough to prevent this situation. any delay At the delivery of your mobile phone, which is planned to be available as of September 22. However, it should be noted that late deliveries are not a very likely scenario for the Cupertino company. For example, the iPhone XR, iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Plus arrived later than promised.

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