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EA SPORTS FC Mobile releases on September 26: here’s what you need to know

One of the important names in the video game world Electronic artstarted a new era for FIFA, one of the world’s most popular football simulation games. The game will be released for the first time this year under the name EA Sports FC. Just a few days before the September 29 launch, there’s another major move from the company. Electronic art, the game mobile version meet the players on September 26.

Agree EA Sports FC mobile What kind of game will it be? What features will it offer? Come together for EA Sports FC Mobile, just days away from release. what you need to know Let’s take a closer look at everything.

You don’t have to download the game again

EA Sports FC mobile

One of the most curious topics for EA Sports FC Mobile is whether the new mobile game will be available on devices. how to reach It was over. Players downloaded “FIFA Mobile” last year and played the football simulation on their smartphones all year long. The big change that will happen this year is important for mobile gamers. won’t make any difference. The developer team will transform FIFA Mobile into EA Sports FC Mobile with the update it will release on the App Store and Google Play Store. Those who download the game for the first time should visit the application store.

The gameplay will change drastically

EA SPORTS FC Mobile Gameplay

EA SPORTS FC Mobile, especially gameplay dynamics It seems to impress the players. Because options like power shots and hard tackles will be coming to mobile devices for the first time. Additionally, players will be more connected to their real-life personalities. Features such as dribbling, defense and skill moves are also available for mobile gaming enthusiasts. has been redesigned.

Graphics and sound features have also been improved


Electronic Arts on the upcoming mobile game picture and sound quality He also healed. In this context; The image in the stadiums has been made more realistic. And the overall graphic quality of the stadiums has also been improved. Designs are now closer to reality. At the same time fans chants Studies have also been done. If you get into a goal position with the player you control, you will notice that the crowd gets excited too. The locker rooms in the game can be configured by the player to their liking. can be adjusted.

Players who downloaded EA SPORTS FC Mobile before launch will some advantages They will have it too. The company will offer mobile gaming enthusiasts several benefits, including in-game elements.

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