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It can work for several days without recharging: How to save energy on your phone during a power outage?

Since the smartphone is not only a means of communication, but also a source of obtaining important information, Ukrainians should pay attention to its battery charge. You also need to provide yourself with internet that will work during a power outage.

Tips on how to save battery power on your phone

In order to charge the phone for a few days, it is necessary to minimize its use. First you need to use the phone in calling mode. You should also turn off any secondary functions of the phone that might drain the battery.

Adjusting the brightness of the phone screen will also help you save battery power, as too high a level will consume a lot of energy and therefore the phone will drain its charge faster.

You can also turn off some automatic updates and block push notifications. There are also special programs that will help reduce the amount of battery consumed. However, you should be extremely careful with such software and download applications only from official marketplaces.

It is clear that these tips will help save the energy of smartphone charging only for a while. It all also depends on the volume of the battery and the phone.

How do you charge your phone when there is no light?

During a power outage, you can charge your smartphone using the most obvious methods. In particular through:

  • laptop;
  • portable speaker;
  • power bank, generator or portable charging station;
  • Auto.

You can also get to the nearest unbreakable point. It is equipped with everything you need – there you can not only charge your phone, but also warm up and drink hot coffee or tea.

What to buy in case of power outage / 24 Channel infographic

Source: 24 Tv



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