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WhatsApp’s “Chat Locking” feature is finally coming to devices other than phones

Many of us use WhatsApp not only on the phone, but also from other platforms such as computers. The information that has now emerged shows that the company will take a welcome step in terms of safety in this area.

WhatsApp users on Android and iOS already are chat lock It has the function. This feature allows you to lock any chat you want using methods like Face ID, secret code and fingerprint. However, when we access different versions from the phone, such as WhatsApp Web, the conversations still open We saw it happen. In terms of confidentiality, this was an unpleasant situation.

A chat you lock on your phone will automatically be locked on your second device.

The new feature spotted by WABetaInfo will eliminate this problem. Looking at the screenshot we see that when a chat is locked from the phone, it will automatically be locked on other devices and versions such as computer, tablet or web. WhatsApp uses the following statements in its communication about this: “this talk We’ve also locked it on your other connected device. Use the secret code to open it.’

The new security feature was discovered in the Android version beta and is currently available in development. So it is not available yet. We don’t know when it will be released, but we can predict that it will come to both Android and iOS soon.

Apart from this, WhatsApp’s work on the “username” feature continues according to WABetaInfo. When this feature is released, you will be able to talk to people using your username without sharing your number. For more information about the feature, check out our news from a few days ago:

Source: Web Tekno



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