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Google’s New Move to Establish Android Ecosystem: More Android Devices Will Be Integrated!

Google has done just that in recent months Android phones of Chromebooks It introduced features such as sharing the internet between devices, viewing notifications from both devices, screen sharing and using messaging applications between devices. Google now wants to expand this feature to more Android devices. This way, tablets and other Android phones can also be integrated into the ecosystem.

Share data between different devices

Google’s cross-device sharing service allows data to be shared between different devices. Android expert AssemblyDebug His analysis showed that Android devices could become more closely linked. Review of the new version of Play Services technical whistleblowermanaged to reveal the new settings screen. This screen also gives us ideas on how to use the new service.

In the new system Google account A smooth transition between logged-in devices can be achieved. video calls move between devices, hotspot to share, WiFi It may be possible to establish a connection. To prevent accidental connection of devices, Google requires manual verification.

Currently, these features only appear in the developer version interface. There is no official statement on this subject yet. Google this feature, Mwith spring update can explain this in the relevant announcement.

Source: Web Tekno



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