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Huawei Mate 50 Pro display will have the same notch as the iPhone 13 Pro


New images of the upcoming flagship Huawei Mate 50 Pro have surfaced online and show that the device will have a large screen cutout – roughly the same as the current iPhone 13.

If the iPhone in version 14 turns into a dual recessed camera, Huawei will go the other way and go back to “explosions”. Chinese sources write that such a large cutout is necessary not only for the facial recognition system, but also for some “other functions”. One option is to monitor the user’s posture.

The Mate 50 Pro screen will be curved, but it will only have two sides. According to rumors, the base model of the Mate 50 series will receive a flat screen. In both cases the allowance is 1.5K. By the way, not only the Mate 50 Pro, but also the Mate 50 will have a large notch. At least this is demonstrated by the photos of the protective glass for the new Huawei flagships published by insiders.

The Mate 50 Pro’s XMAGE camera back panel has been shown several times and nothing new here. There are four modules, including a periscope. As a reminder, the official premiere of the Huawei Mate 50 will take place on September 6, one day before the premiere of the iPhone 14.

Source: Port Altele



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