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Zephyr drone crashes after 64 days of record flight


Airbus’ solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle Zephyr crashed 64 days later.

According to the Ukrinform correspondent, New Atlas writes about it.

It is recorded that the UAV crashed in Arizona after breaking a record for 64 days in the air.

“There were no injuries and no other aircraft were damaged in the incident that caused the plane to crash,” the article said.

The exact cause of the drone crash is currently under investigation.

Built by QinetiQ, the drone had a wingspan of 25m and weighed less than 75kg. The drone was capable of climbing to an altitude of 21.3 km. The device was launched on June 15 at the Yuma test site in Arizona, USA.

On July 25, it was reported that the Zephyr drone remained in the air for a record 36 days without refueling.

The previous record for refueling flight time was broken in 2018 at 25 days 23 hours 57 minutes.

Photo: Airbus

Source: Ukrinform



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