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Google Lens even tells you where the donut you photographed was sold

Today, Google can translate photos, scan texts and find relevant results by searching. Lens The app is also getting new features. Hosting 8 billion scans every month, the application now has more useful features.

According to the statement shared by Google, Lens will soon reveal the translation result in the texts it translates. will be able to reflect on the photo without background. But beyond that, the app can detect products in a photo you’ve taken and show you where to find them or something similar. So how will this feature work?

It is possible to find the same or similar products of a product with multiple searches:

Users can see the options they can buy by taking a photo of a product, as in the example you can see in the image above. However, some keywords allow you to refer to the product in the photo. They may also list similar products.

There will even be a list of restaurants where you can scan the food and buy it at the nearest point:

Multiple search allows users to learn the name of a food by taking a picture of it, and searching for the keyword “near me” allows users to find out the name of that food. nearest restaurants where they can find food they will be able to discover. In fact, users will also use filters such as vegan/vegetarian in restaurants.

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