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Huawei phones automatically delete protest and riot videos

In Chinese social networks, users started to write and share screenshots and videos that the protest and riot videos that have recently swept China and especially affected Henan and Guangdong provinces began to disappear from Huawei smartphones.

The owners of the phones did not receive any notifications about this: only videos with recorded revolts disappeared from the gallery. In their place there is only a video clip icon but it does not open at all. Cases are not isolated, but phones from other manufacturers do not go unnoticed in it.

It is unclear how Huawei users’ gallery was censored. In this case, videos can be deleted based on time and geotag data, which is an advanced version of censorship with the help of a neural network.

Meanwhile, after the serious unrest in China last weekend, anti-epidemic measures were relaxed in Henan and Guangdong provinces. Therefore, the general lockdown was canceled in the city of Zhenzhou, where the largest factory for iPhone production is located. Source

Source: Port Altele



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