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If you have nothing else on hand, ketchup has been a great alternative to thermal paste.


As he reported 24 ChannelsEnthusiast initially intended to test different thermal pads, but in the process more non-standard solutions (or just anything that can be found in a refrigerator) came into play.

Therefore, during testing, the following products were tested in the role of thermal paste:

  • cheese,
  • Potatoes,
  • ketchup,
  • peanut butter
  • Tooth paste,
  • baby cream etc.

The best of the listed products was ordinary ketchup (we put it in toothpaste), which was somewhat unexpected.

How was the test?

The graphics processor of the Radeon R7 240 graphics card served as the platform for the tests, which already had a good heat dissipation system, although thermal paste was a mandatory element.

Results of testing products in the role of thermal paste / Photo: AssassinWarlord

A Furmark stress test was used to generate the load that was run for 5 minutes for each test sample. Only half of the tested samples coped with the task, in the remaining cases the GPU temperature reached 105 °C, after which the throttling mechanism (frequency reduction) began.

Everything on hand was used (potatoes, ketchup, cheese) / Photo: AssassinWarlord

As expected, thermal pastes showed themselves best. Even the best solutions coped with the task perfectly (this is a discovery, who expected).

Why not use ketchup instead of thermal paste?
(if you suddenly feel like doing it)

The test was done out of casual curiosity, and it should be understood that no matter how great the heat-insulating ketchup is, in practice it is a very bad idea to replace thermal paste with it. At least the product is dangerous as it contains water and this increases the risk of short circuit.

Source: 24 Tv



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