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Galaxy Z Fold 2 gets Android 13 update

Samsung is fully prepared for the upcoming Galaxy Unpack event. At the event, the brand will unveil its 2023 flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy S23 series, as well as other products such as the Galaxy Book 3 series. Android 13 update Unlocked version got the update a month ago and now the update is finally rolling out to unlocked versions of the device.

The carrier-locked Galaxy Z Fold 2 One UI 5.0 update runs on Android 13 and has US firmware version F916USQU2IVK5. The November 2022 security patch is also included in the foldable phone update. Although the device should receive monthly security updates, the phone has yet to receive the December 2022 and January 2023 updates. We assume that the company will release the latest security patch for the gadget soon.

The new version is already available on Sprint and T-Mobile networks in the US, and other network providers may make it available in the coming weeks. Comparing the updated version with the unlocked version, there are no significant changes. The latest update is now available after a few minor tweaks the brand made to make it work with the carrier locked version. If you have a carrier-locked version of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in the US and are using one of the networks mentioned above, you can get the Android 13 update by going to Settings Software Update and selecting Download and Install.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 is getting the Android 13 update which includes an updated user interface (UI), improved Color Palette (Material You), better widgets, larger app icons in notifications, improved blur effects and smoother transitions. The update also makes it easier to customize the lock screen and choose wallpapers.

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