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Yesterday we saw TCL’s newly introduced giant televisions, and now it’s time to talk about the new models introduced by the brand. New TVs with TCL SF5 series It is noteworthy that it uses the same operating system as Amazon’s Fire TV.

New television series offered by TCL They are trying to compete in the compact range of the marketand so we see that they come with limited diagonals and in many cases forget about features like 4K to try to work as the second TV in the house.

Compact but smart


TCL’s new television series will arrive in Italy and Spain, and then the UK in October. It is the TCL SF5 series that comes in 32 and 40 inch sizes. arrives very limited diagonals for current times where the normal amount exceeds 50 inches.

This new series combines features such as Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), to which it also adds HDR10, as well as the diagonal it includes. However, the main claim of these televisions is this: They come with an integrated Fire TVSo they offer the same experience we found when purchasing dongles from Amazon.

You can access all compatible applications and control the TV. Connected home hub with Alexa access. The presence of the Amazon assistant also allows voice control of the television.

The brand announced that these models have a dynamic tone mapping system to optimize image quality frame by frame. When it comes to audio, the new TCL SF5 series is compatible with: Dolby Audio and DTS-HD technology.

Price and availability

TCL’s SF5 series with built-in Fire TV It will be available in 32 and 40 inch options. Available on Amazon at prices yet unknown in Spain, Italy and the UK.

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