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If you tried to buy a stupid TV in 2024 (or before), you will have realized something: This is an almost impossible task. It even directs us to buy cheap, low-resolution, small-diagonal televisions. Come on, it’s not the main TV in the living room, it’s a secondary TV. Any search in online stores serves to get that jug of cold water. The same applies when we look at the offers of the main manufacturers.

As incredible as it may seem, At this point buying a stupid TV makes perfect sense to me.. Be careful, this does not mean that I will forget about the internet and all the benefits of Smart TV, such as hours of entertainment or IPTV listings that the best streaming services offer.

Smart TV? Yes but according to my taste

A few months ago I talked about the poor experience my cheap Smart TV offered with precisely its smart functions. Because yes, my TV costs me under 300 euros and has a brand new 55-inch VA-type panel that offers 4K resolution compatible with HDR10 and 16W sound with Dolby Audio. It also has Android TV with integrated Chromecast. It’s a bargain on paper. And I won’t cheat on you. It looks and sounds pretty good considering its price.

But what Having Android TV is not the star function but another function and it shows: After analyzing TV comparisons and Chromecast with Google TV, we discovered that with the same RAM, the Google device was twice as fast. There we decided to buy one and forget about our performance problems. In short: a device priced just over 50 euros offers better performance than Smart TV in Smart TV services. Of course, because that’s his main job. It would be ridiculous to buy it if the only thing it did was done poorly.

Although you would expect better components from a thousand Euro Smart TV than mine, the key remains the same: this is one more function, not the main one. So it makes sense to ask invest our budget in the best television possible In terms of features related to this device and if we want to buy a separate set-top box. Don’t give me ordinary components, forget about them and invest that money in other things. Manufacturers clearly disagree: The more features they can put on the technical sheet, the better.

But there is another fact: the TV lasts much longer than the mobile phone, so even if we buy Smart TV, sooner or later the operating system will become obsolete and we will have to buy a set-top box because, well, the radio becomes obsolete, just like no one else does It replaces its car (one more function), so it doesn’t replace the TV either. Even more so with a stupid TV and an aging set-top box. But in the end it is clear that Today’s question isn’t whether to buy a top box set, but when..

In my opinion, this is the main reason, but there are others as well. First, you are someone who is jealous of your privacy and you no longer want a device with an internet connection because yes, they can hack our Smart TV. Personally, I prefer to live with this risk and not give up the services that Smart TV services offer me. Then there is another scenario: You may like a particular model and its features, but Smart TV services, operation and interface not so much. By purchasing the set-top box separately, you can choose from the available ones.

In fact, the same may apply to support and privacy: you may prefer another operating system offering rather than the one that comes with your television. It’s all about having freedom to choose device and operating system What content reaches my TV?

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