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Restarting a slow Fire TV Stick is as easy as using this key combination on the remote: there’s another key combination to restore it No comment


Many users prefer to connect a media player for streaming rather than relying on their television’s operating system. And the thing is, whether you want to renovate an old television or not Expand the functions of your Smart TVBuying an HDMI dongle or TV Box can be a great option.

Amazon’s offering has multiple functions that can expand our experience on TV. However, if the device fails for an unexpected reason, it can also there is an efficient and quick way to reboot. In this article, we show you how to restart your Fire TV Stick as quickly as possible.

How to restart Fire TV Stick from remote

Amazon has a pretty intuitive way to reboot the device in case something goes wrong, or we need to do it. For this, all we have to do is go to the configuration section and “My Fire TV” choose option ‘restart’. In this way after a few seconds we will again see the main menu of our Fire TV Stick.

However, there is a faster and more efficient way to reboot the device without having to go through the settings menu for this. Just press a key combination on your Fire TV Stick’s remote.

That way, all you have to do to restart your Fire TV Stick is press and hold the middle button and play/pause button simultaneously for a few seconds. When the device tells us that it will reboot on the screen, we can now let go of the buttons. After that, we only have to wait a few seconds for the device to bring us back to the main menu.

After restarting the device, after eliminating all background processes, something better will definitely happen. Like this, we can continue to use our device normally, to download apps, watch content on streaming platforms, and more. If you are still in doubt, remember that we also teach you how to install HBO Max on Fire TV Stick and how to install Kodi on Amazon device.

Restore a Fire TV Stick to factory settings with the remote

Apart from resetting your device, there is also a way to factory reset your Fire TV Stick without going into the settings menu. Of course, do this if you want permanently delete all content on your device, both accounts and apps and settings. Once this is done, you cannot restore the data.

If you want to continue, just Press and hold the “Back” button and the middle button’s right navigation key at the same time To reset your device to factory settings, when the warning that the device is about to be restored appears, you need to press and hold these buttons for about 10-15 seconds. When the message appears on the screen, we can stop pressing the buttons. The process can take a few minutes, so we will have to wait until it completes without disconnecting the device.

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