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Black Friday is always the best time to buy a Smart TV, but this year it’s even more: Why is it better not to wait until 2023?

Buying a television is always a significant financial expense for a family. Therefore, more and more people are taking advantage of offers to acquire a Smart TV and make a quality splash in the living room. Black Friday is usually a good time to upgrade, and there are many reasons why we recommend keeping your eyes open if you’re planning to replace your TV this year.

As we mentioned a few months ago, both Black Friday and spring (especially in April and May) highly recommended dates for buying a television in case you’re looking for someone. And it’s usually the days when we find all kinds of Smart TV offers. There’s something for every palate, and this year stores are grilling all the meat.

Black Friday is always a good opportunity to find great deals.

As we’ve said, there are reasons why we think this Black Friday is a better time than ever to switch up your television. The context in which the market is now and the examples of offers we see these days prove this.

Black Friday

Let’s remember that Black Friday is at a crucial moment, because Dates just before the Christmas holidays, where stores around the world take the opportunity to offer great discounts. But it’s also just before CES in Las Vegas, an event where producers usually present all the news related to the world of video and audio.

Black Friday is a very good time to buy a TV, perhaps the best. On the one hand You can buy a TV that doesn’t last a year.It is very up-to-date and has about 5 months left as the best model of the brand until the new batch arrives.

However, if a modern television isn’t your thing, you’re better off, because models that are a little over a year old, two years old, or older often have juicy discounts at major outlets.


If you want to follow all the offers, besides recommending you to follow the main information channels of Xataka Smart Home and Webedia, you can also take advantage of very useful tools such as: browser extensions From Keepa, SaveMoney, Idealo, Baratukin or CamelCamelCamel. While these are just some examples, they work very well when it comes to being able to see a chart with the price evolution of the vast majority of products.

Some examples of new good deals on smart TVs

We wanted to leave to show you the fact that this is the best time to buy television. some examples of offers coming out these days and what we have told you before. In this way, you will be able to confirm that it is not unreasonable to find the TV that suits you best and at the most affordable price.

  • 55-inch LG OLED C1 for 899.99 euros: one of the best TVs of 2021 and reduced to an all-time low with a discount of almost 1,000 euros. We are faced with a large 4K OLED television with a native panel frequency of up to 120 Hz, compatible with Dolby Vision IQ. It is a beast for enjoying both movies and series and video games.


  • 65 inch Samsung QLED S95B for 1,359.15 euros: Undoubtedly one of the biggest innovations in televisions this year is QD-OLED technology, which provides more brightness and picture quality than OLED with white sub-pixels (W-OLED). In this case, they make it very difficult for us not to recommend this offer as it is one of Samsung’s best this year. With 4K resolution, HDR10+ Adaptive, 120 Hz and all kinds of cutting-edge technology to enjoy superior picture and sound quality.


  • 55-inch LG OLED CS for 895 euros: a review that is a hybrid between this year’s LG OLED C2 and C1, offering a 2022 processor and technologies, but featuring the C1 panel. Another great offer for an all-new TV for you to enjoy great picture quality.

  • Xiaomi 55-inch TV P1E for 329.99 euros: to add a TV with a non-OLED panel, we also find very interesting proposals in the mid-range and entry range. As with the Xiaomi TV P1E, 4K LCD-LED panel, HDR10, Android TV and everything you need to enter the world of Smart TV without spending a lot.


These are some examples of the dozens of offers we witnessed during the most important week of electronic commerce. As you can see there are great discounts and if you are careful, You can get a TV that suits your needs. without throwing the house out the window.

Prices haven’t dropped compared to Black Friday last year, but it feels like they’re the same price as 2021 offers. this year we can get better TVs in terms of quality and general features. Proof of this is undoubtedly Samsung’s QD-OLED, at a price even lower than some LG models with W-OLED panels, as well as the OLED models announced.

European Union’s new energy regulation could be a problem

However, there are other reasons why we believe this Black Friday might be the best time to buy a television. And as we mentioned a few months ago, the European Union has become stricter on electricity consumption in electronic devices. Proof of this is the new energy consumption regulation, which was recently approved in Europe and comes into force from 1 March 2023. This new law requires such stringent energy standards that May affect sales of 4K and 8K televisions across the continent.


Specifically, HD, FullHD, 4K and 8K televisions with an energy efficiency index (EEIMAX) exceeding 0.90 may not be marketed in the European Union. While it’s an index of little concern for resolutions up to 4K, 8K and MicroLED TVs could be in trouble. Also, since this law will force more control of the HDR modes of the television, we may find ourselves with some limitations in future models.

However, the current Black Friday may be the last chance to take advantage of a discount on a TV that cannot be sold in 2023 due to this new arrangement, and so it is undoubtedly an issue to consider.

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