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Salesforce introduces LLM benchmark for CRM

With its first LLM benchmark, Salesforce wants to support...

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How can you improve the sound of the TV with a few simple settings and without purchasing any additional equipment?

This flat tvs In recent years they have been characterized, to say the least, by offering a sound quality that leaves much to be desired, especially if we are considering using them as the central core of a home theater system.

It is true that we can improve the situation by purchasing some additional equipment such as a sound bar or a home theater kit, but what if it is? we don’t want to spend more money?, Is it possible to somehow improve the sound of our TV?

Fortunately, yes. Many modern televisions configuration options this will allow us to make some sound in the form of a better sound quality. clarity, understanding of dialogues and depending on the model also stuck. How can I do it? Here are some important guidelines to keep in mind.

Acoustic correction and TV sync


If our TV is in the mid-high or high range, it’s likely some acoustic correction system with a sync system integrated into your room and/or operating system. These two systems are very useful when it comes to adapting the capabilities of the TV speakers to the capabilities of our room.

This is often the case with televisions that come with a screen, for example. microphone in the remote control we need to place it in the normal viewing point and go through the relevant configuration system from the TV menu.

The acoustic corrector is essential for minimizing the sound deficiencies of the room where basically two adjustments are made: frequency and time domain. The first basically tries to vary the amplitude of the signals in each frequency range depending on the characteristics of the room and the speakers, trying to achieve as flat a response as possible.

Second, it takes into account the temporal response of the speakers and the room when making adjustments. That is, it analyzes how long it takes for audio signals to reach us from the speakers, examines the reflections and phases of each signal. fix them at the point of hearing so we hear the signals in phase.


The result is ideally eliminates bass spikesit has a more balanced response and, above all, delivers sound in phase from all installed speakers, essential for powerful sound and clearly distinctive effects.

If our television does not have one of these automatic acoustic correction systems, it is probably still integrated equalizer this allows us to manually tune some frequency ranges. Basically, it’s a matter of varying the amplitude of signals in every available frequency range, trying to achieve as flat a response as possible.

In these cases, we can try to reproduce some of them. a specific video or audio file to do this kind of equalization as on these lines and try not to have larger volume frequency ranges than others.

Doing this by ear will be more difficult and less sensitive than systems that come with a microphone, but we will still be able to locate it. prominent frequency bands get a flatter and more homogeneous response than others.

Choose the best TV sound mode

TV sound

Another of the options that modern TVs usually offer us, sound or hearing modes. Different equalizations and effects applied from the factory to achieve a certain atmosphere or emotion, with different configurations, for example one for sci-fi movies, the other for action movies, horror, concert, sports etc.

Depending on the manufacturer we will find different pre-configured options in the audio section and yes, worth trying them allWhile the name doesn’t always match the type of content we see, it may be more appropriate for our situation or what we’re looking for.

Also suitable try all the custom options provided by the manufacturer in the configuration menu of the audio section. For example, on some televisions we have the option to change the sound to ‘Standard’, ‘Optimize’ or ‘Boost’, or we have a special system for music, ambient or surround sound that needs to be tested to see if it improves the music. speakers’ response.

In modern televisions, we also have options that apply a certain equalization through various algorithms according to the content we produce. An example of this is on LG televisions with the function ‘AI voice’ in sound settings. Balancing the sound pressure can be beneficial for us, although it’s not completely foolproof.

In addition, some models also have sound mods that amplify the sound. clarity of voice, the ideal function if our problem is that we do not understand the dialogues in the movies well. The problem with this option is that they tend to worsen the crew’s overall response with the rest of the soundtrack, but it’s an option to consider at certain moments in a particular movie.

“Smart Volume”

It has many different names and different applications, but one of the most popular functions in recent years is: “smart volume” whose mission is nothing more than maintaining a constant volume level to avoid shocks when changing sources or channels.

For example, you must have experienced that the volume changes a lot when you change the channel, plug it into a DVD or an external player connected via HDMI. Well, that’s one of the things we’re trying to figure out.


However, we can also find systems. “night listening” or similar, which basically applies an added dynamic compression to some audio track, or creates a particular listening mode with a similar effect.

This allows for quieter sounds such as voices and whispers. they increase in volume Louder sounds such as music, explosions and effects are reduced in intensity.

It is very useful if we want to watch a loud movie at night without missing the dialogues. do not disturb the familyhowever, it disrupts the user experience with a much flatter sound and less impact in daily life.

Place the TV well and improve the acoustics of the room

Another of the options we have to do to improve the standard sound of our TV, not from the configuration menus, adapt the acoustics of our room For a more balanced sound. In his time we saw in detail some tricks for doing this, of which the following are the most relevant.

For starters, we can try play with the distance to the wall If the TV is not turned off we can try moving it closer or further away from the wall behind it to adjust the bass response due to the natural amplification of the Room’s resonant wave modes.


Because every room, TV and furniture is different, there is no optimal distance that gives you the best sound, but you can go. trying various positions until you find the one that gives you the best balance of bass without a booming sound. First of all, if your TV has woofers placed backwards behind the panel, you will be able to achieve the best results with this setting.

The closer to the wall, the more bass frequencies you will hear, but you have to be careful because the final result will depend on other factors such as volume. type of furniture and wall material.

Also suitable avoid placing equipment and appliances under the TVrouter, DTT receiver, multimedia player, our cable operator’s decoder, etc.

Modern TVs usually mount their speakers at the bottom. direct output drivers to bottom. If we put obstacles in front of the woofers, what we will find is that we will lose the mid-high frequencies and get a less clear sound.

Sometimes, because there is no room in the living room, there is no choice but to bury the television in the closet, but if you can, try not to install the television in a closet. surrounded on all sides wooden or plastic panels.

If this is your situation, a louder sound because the furniture itself will act as an acoustic surface, which resonates and undesirably amplifies some mid-bass frequencies. If you have no choice but to place it like this, at least try to put it as far away as possible to minimize the problem.

Source: Xatak Android



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