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Google’s shoe is about to become checkers: ChatGPT can now search from Bing!

ChatGPT, the most advanced AI-powered chatbot today, has been integrated into the Bing search engine by Microsoft. Search engine giant Google, Microsoft’s move not yet answered Today came another big news.

The new fruit of the close relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI this time appeared directly in ChatGPT. ChatGPT, which can now search the web for up-to-date results, is available today. it will perform all web searches through Bing.

This isn’t Microsoft’s only big move


While Microsoft Bing made the browser for ChatGPT, it wasn’t the only big announcement made today. The company uses OpenAI for ChatGPT. open plugin by default He shared that he will use it.

Microsoft’s conclusion is that ChatGPT is not just Bing, but Microsoft’s In combination with the Copilot platform means it can be used. This shows that tasks performed using Copilot, which is currently available in Office 365, can also be performed through ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is looking for Bing for Plus users starting today. The Bing search feature is expected to be released to all ChatGPT users soon.

While Microsoft is ahead of the search engine in artificial intelligence, what are its competitors doing?

Google, at the I/O event it recently held, “The most advanced language model to dateHe introduced PaLM 2, which he described as “”. It was shared that the language model is already in 25 products.

On the Apple side, there isn’t much publicly available information. The company’s latest news on the AI ​​agenda was that it had banned bots like ChatGPT from its employees. It was also learned that he had developed an artificial intelligence for his employees to use.

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