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A website has appeared that shows all personal information of everyone in Turkey with only a phone number


Ads from illegal gambling sites coming to your phone: “Do you want to earn 1000 TL per day?” messages, constantly being disturbed by the unlisted number… This is how each of these becomes possible.

The personal data of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey are seized and sold by hacking insurance companies, official institutions and websites. However, most of this data is hosted completely free of charge, on a website that is even listed on Googleis open to everyone…

  • Let’s be clear from the start: of course, due to KVKK and our ethics, we will not mention the name of the site in question in our article. But even a quick social media search is enough to find out.

Our personal data isn’t even on the deep/dark web anymore, it’s on Google!

Yes, we already knew that our personal information was on the internet. But on the website in question, the event is in a completely different dimension. This website does not normally list such sites. It’s clearly listed, even on Google.

This means that your data is no longer available in places called deep/dark web and sub-internet addresses. ALL INTERNET USERS have access to this data.

The platform even offers free users information such as phone number/ID and vice versa, family tree, relatives, TR ID numbers. gives access. Paid users, on the other hand, can request addresses, title deeds, and e-school certificates.

Don’t worry about what we call paid, all users who pay 200 TL per month or 400 TL per year can also access this information!

The platform is even advertised on social media!

Unfortunately, this platform is not such a secret platform. Videos and promotional messages about the platform and similar cloning platforms On Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and all other social media platforms has long been done.

The domain name of the platform is constantly updated:

If we request the current domain name from the platform where this data is located today, we see that the domain name was registered in April. Also on the main page of the platform “Current domainsection.

Those who use the platform constantly congregate on a Discord server set up by the creators of this platform. The server used for communication may also change from time to time.

Most of the information is out of date, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous…

The information here is out of date. In our estimation, the most data From the information from the MERNIS leak in 2015. is formed. Whatever happens, a lot of information can be accessed, including your entire family tree, addresses, cadastral records, with just your TR ID number or phone number.

But there is also some new data on the platform. This data may also be the result of more recent and small-scale (according to MERNIS) leaks.

The IT lawyers we reached out to when we discovered the incident also shared with us that most of the data is not up to date, but some new data is available on the platform. On the other hand, he also brought bad news: Libraries of different platforms and all current data breaches are currently circulating on the internet…

We have notified the necessary settings on behalf of Webtekno:

on behalf of webtekno Presidential Communications Center (CIMER)We have reported to Google and other organizations. However, these notifications and possible actions to take only for this platform do not mean that the stated data will be completely removed from the internet.

To remove from circulation all our personal data circulating on the Internet We reiterate our appeal to the authorities:

We call on the authorities to ban OnlyFans, which can only be used for a fee and on demand, on the grounds of sharing content that is inappropriate for public morals and Turkish family structure,

We call on the authorities who previously blocked access to Twitter and YouTube,

We appeal to the authorities, who are reportedly requiring hourly internet traffic logs to be sent to all users,

To take action against all parties who share, sell and capture the data of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, for organizations and companies for our data security. more drastic measures We hope it will be delivered.

Unless there are more deterrent measures and companies invest in better measures, our data will remain available on the internet and will be constantly updated. As a result, even in the case of the leak of the food ordering platform, which seized the personal data of more than 21 million citizens, the company was fined only 1.9 million TL.

Our data shouldn’t be this cheap.

Source: Web Tekno



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