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SEC Chairman Is Suing Cryptocurrency Exchanges Allegedly Bought Millions of Dollars Before Trial


The cryptocurrency community has been going through a strange process lately. So much so that Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, lawsuit filed. The agency that filed the lawsuit, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) caused volatility in the cryptocurrency markets. Not satisfied with Binance alone, the SEC, one of the largest exchanges, followed suit. to Coinbase also sued.

Binance puts user funds at risk, according to SEC, while Coinbase without any permit It offered exchange, brokerage, clearing and staking services. The latest news shows that this case is pregnant with very interesting events. So much so that it has been one of the controversial names in the crypto money markets in the past. SEC Chairman Gary Gensleris on the agenda with remarkable claims.

Gary Gensler allegedly opened a $2.5 million Bitcoin short position before the lawsuit!

Sharing news about cryptocurrency markets on Twitter »Capo WSBAn account called “shared a claim that hit the agenda like a bombshell. According to Capo WSB’s claim, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler was hours before suing Binance and Coinbase. $2.5 million Bitcoin (BTC) opened a short position. For those who don’t know, let’s explain it simply; Gensler says BTC will fall a few hours before the lawsuit guess (!)accordingly, he opened a stock exchange position.

Capo WSB’s claim:

LAST MINUTE: Gary Gensler accused of market manipulation. Coinbase has provided evidence that Gary Gensler shorted over $2.5 million in BTC 48 hours ago.

We couldn’t verify the claim!

We investigated Capo WSB’s claim, but found no confirmation of it. we couldn’t reach. Therefore, it is useful to consider the possibility that this statement is not true. However, let’s also point out: if this claim is true, Gary Gensler will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the position he opened. maybe millions of dollars may have made a profit. Because with the lawsuit, BTC fell, of course. Gensler’s “prediction” thus turned out to be correct.

Binance corners Gary Gensler: “He applied for a job as a consultant for us at the time”

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler; While Binance has made some pretty tough exits over Coinbase and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it has also been in the past. knocking on Binance’s door And he turned out to want a job. According to the documents submitted to the court by Binance lawyers, Gensler has signed up for the “Stock Market Advisory” ad opened by Binance some time ago. Binance has suspended Gary Gensler’s SEC lawsuit as a result. should be revoked say.

The allegations about Gary Gensler are not limited to this one. According to Binance officials Gensler, now hostile to Binance, also sent a copy of his earlier speech to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. On the other hand; in 2019 Binance also announced that Gensler, who met Binance’s CEO in person, discussed the future of Binance Coin (BNB) and the establishment of Binance’s US branch.

It seems that the legal battle between Gensler and Binance has also brought some personal grudges. We’ll see how things develop in the near future…

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