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Media and Law Studies Association takes action for the site where everyone’s personal information is shared in Turkey

In the past hours of today, the existence of a website containing the personal information of all citizens in Turkey appeared on a website. This site, which is open to everyone and whose domain name is constantly updated, contained a great deal of information, from citizens’ telephone numbers to relatives.

While the discussions on the site continue From the Media and Legal Studies Association (MLSA) A move has come. MLSA has announced that a lawsuit will be filed against the site.

A lawsuit will be filed against those responsible for the site and those who fail to take action.

In the statement, MLSA co-director Veysel Ok said about the person in charge of the site that publishes detailed personal information of citizens registered in e-Government and the officials who fail to take measures to prevent the theft of this data. they will sue expressed.

MLSA drew attention to the magnitude of the threat and stated that the leak violated many laws related to personal data privacy, including the Turkish Personal Data Protection Act (KVKK) and the Turkish Penal Code (TCK ). The director of the association, Ok, told all citizens about those responsible for this situation. legal action he called.

To reach the details of what happened;

Source: Web Tekno



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