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What was the main goal of Galileo Galilei, a genius scientist who tried to calculate the size of hell?

During the early renaissance Despite the rejection of science, many claims were made. According to modern historians, Dante’s Divine Comedy, which we all know well, is considered the most famous literary work that attempts to define hell with religious references.

inspired by Dante The drawn images of hell give us foresight and make us think.. Galileo, the father of modern astrophysics, took this situation a little further and tried to calculate the size of the described hell and find out how many people could fit in it!

Is hell big enough for all sinners?


Yes, talking about it can be a touchy subject for many people. However, let’s brainstorm a bit with the information given in the science guidance. we know Dante Alighieri, in the literary works he has produced, paints a vivid and colorful picture of Hell as if it had actually been there. So much so that many researchers and scholars have worked to define hell since the 1320s.

The “dream universe” that Dante built cannot be fully understood.

John Martin, pandemonium (1841)

In fact, these drawings by Dante are a dream universe created by himself. However, many researchers do not understand this situation. scientific studies, research of religious texts and biblical-inspired studies, It enjoyed support throughout the Renaissance period.

So the Catholic Church In 1588, Galileo Galilei by demonstrating his mathematical expertise He asked Dante to calculate the dimensions of hell based on his drawings. Galileo, who was only 24 years old at the time, was a great scientist despite his age. Some historians consider him the most intelligent person of the 16th century.

According to Dante’s description, hell consists of 9 rings that get smaller as they get closer to the Earth’s core.

then hell

Looking at the shrinking ring, the enlargement of the ring increases the cruelty of hell. As it is written in John, including the Roman soldier who killed Jesus The most despicable people in the world were sent to the last link. (John 19:34) In the first circle, the unbelievers, in the second, the lascivious, in the third, the greedy, in the fourth, the stingy and wasteful, in the fifth, the eternally evil, in the sixth, the heretics, those who inflict violence on the people in the seventh, In the eighth there are dishonest people, and in the last ring there are people who betray their relatives, friends and people.

Christian literature depicts hell in the shape of a cone. In Dante’s artwork This cone shape, which we can see in Fig.

Galileo studied Dante’s works very carefully before calculating the size of Hell.


Before discussing the poet’s fantastic “dream” universe, Galileo tried to see the world through his eyes and studied his works as best he could. Although he is not the first to attempt to measure the dimensions of hell, hell in the picture has a character of its own. first person to claim to have dimensions with a range of physics has happened.

Galileo, With Jerusalem as the center of the world, he determined a distance of 2,700 km between the Italian city of Friday and Jerusalem. He found the diameter of the conical hell to be 5,550 km.

But after this calculation, it turned out that the calculation at home did not fit the market: he realized that there was a major error in his calculations.

These cylinders, which took on the shape of a cone as they descended into the Earth’s core, would break under their own weight, based on the laws of physics. He also did many calculations to determine the size and girth of the hell, he thought about it, but found that they all had the same problem. There is a big difference between the real world and the other world.He is known to say that all thinkers, including himself, are ignorant of the workings of structures in the real world.

Attempts to calculate the size of hell go a long way in incorporating many of the laws of physics that are still in effect today. Especially with these efforts he made as much progress as possible in the field of physics; made his name more popular. Galileo, pioneer of the birth of modern physics, in 1638 “Two New Sciences” In his book, he is a scientist who has given examples of these mistakes he made by laying the foundations of mechanics.

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