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Reddit’s logo has changed: the iconic mascot Snoo is now three-dimensional [Video]

One of the largest forum sites in the world reddit, has been on the agenda in recent days in connection with the public offering issue. Although the company seems to be close to solving the problem it has been facing for years, it has taken a new step. Again branding Moving on, Reddit also changed its logo.

You know the Reddit logo. An anthropomorphic red background features the platform’s robot mascot, Snoo. As you can imagine, this situation is again didn’t change. The company continues to use the same color and Snoo. But the robot mascot no longer exists fly dimensional It has a design.

This is what Reddit’s new logo looks like:

Reddit has changed its logo

The only change in Reddit’s new logo isn’t the three-dimensional representation of Snoo. The company reports this on Reddit to write type changed it too. The change in the letters “d” seems to have added a new vibe to Reddit. “Reddit SansThe font named ” is accessible on Github. The font from here accessible.

reddit rebranding

Reddit also made some changes to its genderless robot mascot during the rebranding process. With these changes, Snoo is available for the first time in its history. to the fingers I’ve had it too.

Comparison of Reddit’s old and new logos:


You can watch the promotional video for Reddit’s new logo below:

Source: Web Tekno



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