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Interesting questions asked to internet sellers for iPhone 14, where even dreaming is expensive

Every time Apple introduces a new device, all eyes are on it. However, if this new device is an iPhone, the whole world will start talking about the new phone. As you know, Apple recently introduced the long-awaited iPhone 14 series. The prices of the series, which have been talked about since the day it was announced, are almost mobile is on fire.

As you know, Turkey is the country where Apple’s new flagship phones are sold most expensively. If we look at the cheapest selling prices in our country; iPhone 14 starts at 30,999 TL, iPhone 14 Pro starts at 39,999 TL and iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at 43,999 TL. When this was the case, sellers on various sales platforms naturally faced interesting questions. Today we have collected some of those questions for you. Let’s see.

Of course milking 200 cows is hard work.

iphone 14 reviews

When it’s lost, it’s hard to find them, and there’s also…

iphone 14 reviews

5 jars of honey and 2 pairs of boots?

iphone 14 reviews

A question that reminds you to choose your roommates well.

iphone reviews

What is this with relatives on father’s side?

iphone 14 reviews

Whenever we see something expensive, this is always the first question that comes to mind:

iphone 14 apple review

Trading academic achievements?

iphone 14 price review

When he cooks, does the laundry and cleans himself, all we can do is relax.

iphone 14 reviews

“Will you believe me when I say it is?”

iphone 14 reviews

At least he could fly (?)

iphone 14 reviews

There were also people who were confused and tried to get a discount.

iphone 14 reviews

There were also people who were thinking about swapping it with their existing car. And the ‘gayish’ package…

iphone 14 reviews

We haven’t forgotten those who offered to give just the bumper to their car.

iphone 14 reviews

You can sell phones as well as have roommates.

iphone 14 reviews

Sometimes we strayed from the subject.

iphone 14 reviews

We have a dream…

iphone 14 reviews

As a result, even some sellers didn’t believe they would buy the phone…

iphone 14 reviews

We laughed and had fun, but…

iphone 14 reviews

Unfortunately, the iPhone 14 series, With a price up to 60 thousand TL phones that most of us can’t reach. For this reason, we can say that we laugh when we cry. Of course, we are aware that the people who ask the questions you have seen above are also writing them for entertainment purposes. We really hope no one cares that much about the make or model of the phone they are using.

While we were preparing this content, we saw thousands of comments on many sites. While many of us have good intentions in writing these comments, this is not always the case. After a point things are no longer fun and it’s for sellers who answer these questions. become torture he can come. For this reason, we can pay more attention to the fact that our actions do not put others in a difficult situation or contain insults. Let’s not forget that no phone, no technology can be more important than us and our loved ones.

If you want to check out the iPhone 14 models that make you laugh while you’re sad, with the eyes of the buyer:

So is it really worth buying at this price?

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