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All correspondence of Charles Darwin, the father of the theory of evolution, published on the Internet (full 15 thousand letters)

A new project has been launched to preserve the legacy of one of the most important names in the history of science, biologist and natural historian Charles Darwin. Cambridge University, Darwin is known all your correspondence brought together on one website.

The website contains more than 15,000 letters, 400 of which have been reinterpreted, written by or for Charles Darwin. All correspondence is dated 1822 and 1882, ie 60 year process covers.

Just one of Darwin’s letters to a scientist:

Charles Darwin

“Dear Sir (Federico Philippi)

Thank you for sending us your catalog of Chilean plants, which has cost you so much effort. How much more do we know about Chile’s natural history than when I visited that amazing country many years ago! And for much of this increased knowledge, the world owes you! And how much more knowledge the world owes you! (April 3, 1882)”

Darwin’s letters of the past 4 months will be published in print:

The team behind the project will physically print all the letters Darwin wrote for him in the last four months of his life. This edition in the first months of 2023 scheduled for release.

You can click on this link to access all of Darwin’s letters. Via the filters on the website you can reach a certain date and browse through the letters from or to Darwin.

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