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How to detect fake or bot accounts on Twitter?

Twitter, which has been on the agenda for the past 1 month with Elon Musk’s purchase wish, as you know, is a place where all people can “freely” express their ideas and create an agenda/public opinion. When many people have a particular problem, they organize to make their voices heard and they come together on Twitter to create an agenda by writing and sharing a particular sentence.

However, these agendas can be sabotaged by certain parties and the agenda can be changed. How works? With fake or bot accounts. When someone wants to change the calendar, the bot commands the accounts and a certain phrase is tweeted from thousands of fake accounts and the calendar is changed. So how do you recognize these bots or fake accounts? Let’s find out.

How do you know if an account is fake or bot on Twitter?

a fake account on Twitter;

  • Usernames often end with numbers
  • All his tweets are on one calendar
  • They only respond to verified people
  • The account opening date is last year or this year
  • If you google the username, nothing comes up.
  • Doesn’t use real names

Usernames often end with numbers

On Twitter, one of the first things you should do to find out if an account is fake or a bot is to check the account username. Usually bot accounts have a series of numbers at the end of their username. This is due to the order in which they are produced.

All his tweets are on one agenda and are meaningless.

Tweets from fake accounts are usually about one calendar. When you enter the profile and click on the Tweets tab and the tweets you see are mostly about a single calendar, understand that account is fake. If it’s a bot, the situation is even worse because bot accounts use that phrase to get into the calendar, put random Turkish words in the rest and spam them.

They usually respond to verified contacts

Such accounts usually only tweet under verified accounts. Verified accounts can be owned by a businessman, politician, social media phenomenon, or celebrity. Even if they don’t do it directly, sometimes even fans can schedule their tweets with fake accounts.

The opening date of the account is a few months ago

The date for opening fake or bot accounts is up to 2-3 months as such accounts are usually blocked by Twitter. For example, the date of this article is April 23, 2022. If you see an account opened in February or March and it meets the criteria above, know that that account is fake.

If you google the username, nothing comes up.

If you google the username of a Twitter account, you will usually come across images or Tweets shared by that person, but not with fake or bot accounts. When you search Google for the usernames of fake or bot Twitter accounts, there are many things.

Doesn’t use real names

Such fake or bot accounts usually do not contain real names in profile names, rather than usernames. They often use strings of letters or a random word that has no meaning.

That’s why we explained how to detect bot accounts on Twitter. If you like, you can share your comments with us in the comments section below.

Source: Web Tekno



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