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Electronics are selling cheaper on Amazon this week

We continue to share with you the assertive campaigns and competitively priced products of Amazon, which operates in Turkey with its fast shipping service, including Prime Video, the TV series and the movie platform for 7 TL.

Wednesday March 15 This week’s discounted products section, valid from today, has many products that will be useful to gamers and those looking for a home entertainment system. In addition, this time we share the discounts in the categories with you so that you can easily choose the products.

Discount electronic products on Amazon:

  • Camera lenses and binoculars: prices start from 2,440 TL,
  • ACER laptops and monitors: prices start from 5,500 TL,
  • BenQ projections: prices start from 20,400 TL,
  • Viewsonic Monitors and Projectors: Prices start from 5,000 TL,
  • Lenovo Laptops: Prices start from 6,400 TL,
  • Computer and Tablet Cases: Prices start from 120 TL,
  • Wall brackets and screen protectors for televisions: prices start from 150 TL
  • Camera Accessories: Prices start from 177 TL,
  • Monster Player Gear: Prices start from 280 TL,
  • Computer accessories: Prices start at 80.

Here are the Amazon products you can buy for a week starting March 15 at affordable prices. Keep up to date with discounts and campaigns organized by Amazon, we look forward to your comments in the comments section.

Source: Web Tekno



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