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‘DPReview’, the most popular camera review site in the world, is shutting down

one of the largest companies in the world Amazondoes not spend the 2022-2023 period very well. Because the company, like other companies in the technology world, was downsizing. In this context; According to statements made in January, employees work within Amazon 18 thousand people He has been fired. This resignation, Amazon largest mass layoff in history went down in history. In a statement a few days ago, 9 thousand more people announced that he would be fired.

While all this was going on, there was an important development regarding 27 thousand people being laid off. Some of the layoffs are known as the world’s most popular camera review and forum site, founded by Amazon. DP review It turned out to work. In the official statement from Amazon, the website is also announced in the coming period. will be closed expressed.

25 years of content will go down in history

dpreview closes

The announced deadline for the website, which was first launched in 1998 April 10. Users will continue to upload content to the site until that day. However, starting April 10, post new content to the site will not be possible.

So what happens to the content on the site?

Looking at the explanation in DPReview, we see all of the users’ shares so far. Available for download until April 6 will be mentioned. After this date it is no longer possible to download. On the other hand, some time after the site was “locked down” on April 10. read only remains accessible. In other words, the existing content will remain accessible for a while. However, when the limited time expires, it will not be possible to access the content uploaded to DPReview. So 25 years huge databasewill be buried in the dusty shelves of history.

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