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It has been alleged that Getir and BiTaksi have been hacked and information of 100 million users has been seized

One of Turkey’s largest startups To take and inside BiTaksi alleged hacking. A post on a hacker forum claimed that the personal data of some 100 million users had been seized.

Sample data reportedly belonging to five thousand users was also included in the post. If the total size of the file consists of leaks 142GB that was shared. The data, which would have been seized, was offered for sale by the hacker.

Data allegedly seized:

to take

  • Name-Surname Data of Users
  • Address and address descriptions
  • phone numbers
  • User Tokens
  • Email addresses
  • 8 credit card numbers
  • Order information
  • Access passwords for some coded apartments
  • Encrypted user account passwords
  • Infrastructure data

Hacker’s claim: Getir and BiTaksi were reached, company promises were not kept

The user who shared the post claimed that they reached out to both companies after the leak, that the companies had acknowledged the leak and said they would be in touch. But if there is no response from the companies that they have decided to offer the data for sale shared.

The hacker’s message has been deleted:

The sharing, stating that the data was for sale, was removed by the forum administrators in the forum where it was published. For now about the alleged data breach There was no statement from BiTaksi or Getir.

Source: Web Tekno



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