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Maybe the name may not be familiar to you, but if you are a regular user Derek Guy. Elon Musk has almost 875,000 followers on his network; a large community created thanks to the visibility he gained in the platform’s “For You” section and viral headlines like the ones he wrote about. Dave Portony watches wave cashmere industry. If it doesn’t sound familiar, nothing happens. Suffice it to say that Derek Guy is a world-class expert in men’s fashion and an obvious lover of the style of Spanish aristocrats such as King Felipe VI, Fernando Fitz-James Stuart or his father Carlos Fitz-James Stuart.

Guy’s admiration for the ruler is so great and successful. Thread he praises her elegance and invites the world to learn from her style.

What do we know about Derek Guy? It’s not important. This is because, despite the fact that he is very present on the networks, is an international reference in men’s fashion, writes articles in some of the most prestigious magazines in the world and gives many interviews, he himself has taken care to preserve almost all the details. his identity. We know what he wants to show on the networks where he uses his name. Derek Guy and a photo of Attorney General Eliott Richardson with Nixon.

Thanks to her interviews with Vice, GQ, Telva, and NBC, we know, for example, that she lived on the West Coast of the United States, became interested in clothing during her high school years, and opened a blog in 2010. “Die, Workwear!” on Twitter since 2011 and thanks to Tumblr, she found jobs producing fashion-related texts. Some versions, such as the Wikipedia entry with his name, claim that he is from Vancouver and that his parents came from Vietnam – leaving some very vague clues about this – but the references on which this data is based lead to tweets. has already been deleted.

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“Menswear man” quote. The role Guy plays now is much clearer than his origin. The man nicknamed “Menswear Man” has hundreds of thousands of followers and messages on New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, Esquire or Politico. He opines endlessly on Die, Workwear!, tweets with surprising profusion, and wields such influence in the fashion world that his celebrity assessments resonate. Guardian anyone Telegram.

As an example, it’s never been better said: after Guy publicly praised the “level of tailoring” Felipe VI displayed at Wimbledon, Times The cover features Borbón as well as “Gorgeous, style king Felipe!” included the title.

rising like foam. Part of this success is explained by the tremendous visibility it has achieved on Twitter, now X after the arrival of Elon Musk. Guy came to the platform in 2011, towards the end of 2022 he had 25,000 followers, at the beginning of 2023 he had 110,000, in July he already had more than 451,000 followers and now 874,500. “You don’t even have to care about men’s clothing. Twitter will put my tweet on your profile.” timeline “It’s a very strange way to find content at this point, without you even asking,” he explained to USA Today.

He told Vice months ago that he never gave “a dime” to Twitter and did not pay the platform to promote tweets. Amid this dazzling success, there were several viral topics like the one he posted. autumn 2022 about the surprising (and scandalous) cost-price ratio of luxury watches; and another was released a few days laterAbout the cashmere industry.

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Passion for Felipe VI. This tweet about Felipe VI was posted by Derek Guy on July 17, 2023, after the monarch was seen cheering on Alcaraz at Wimbledon. And of course his opinion had little to do with tennis, sports in general, politics or the gossip column. What he examined in detail influencer the king’s style was: “It’s very rare to see this level of tailoring today, even among the rich. So let’s talk about some reasons why it’s great,” I write in Chapter VI. Next to a photo of Felipe in a suit. .

This sentence started an interesting thread examining the king’s style both at Wimbledon and in his other public appearances. Collars, lapels, cuts, proportions, lines, consistency… The analysis went down to the smallest detail and comments were made underlining the success of the monarch in choosing his wardrobe. “Felipe always looks very nice and it seems like all his suits are cut by the same tailor.” Topic added million viewsMore than 150,000 “likes” and thousands of comments. This is without counting the echo inside Times.

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Winking at the king and winking more. This wasn’t his only tweet about the Spanish president. It’s important to highlight this from a tweeter whose pulse doesn’t waver when the style of media figures such as British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak or actor Daniel Cray is being questioned. Jordan Peterson.

“I had never noticed Felipe VI until he made it to the epic Wimbledon final. An acquaintance sent me an email saying I should take a look at the royal box, I would be interested in the attire of the King of Spain. I went on Google and found not only that photo, but many others. I started looking into it and was impressed with how good it looked,” Guy explained. telva In October.

“The level of tailoring shown by Felipe VI is not even found on Savile Row anymore […]. In my opinion, the person who best witnessed the golden age of tailoring from 1930 to 1980 is the King of Spain. You chose clothes from your own cinema closet. “Dressing on your own, without a stylist, is the highest expression of style today,” he commented. influencer and fashion expert.

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A repeated blink. During his interview with telvaGuy acknowledged that at least by October 2023, the message about King Felipe VI had become the most successful of his already extensive tweet career. “I sent a tweet at dawn, but I never thought it would be this successful. When I woke up in the morning, it had 20 million views,” he says. This enormous influence explains why Felipe VI is frequently mentioned in his account.

someone is coming speed dial finding dates in July, August, April, May… Some of them are ironic. “I don’t know, girls. I thought he was well-dressed, but then I found out he follows a very codified set of rules that he learned from the king of Spain.” published last summer along with a Winny the Pooh meme.

Felipe VI… and beyond. Strangely, since his successful and much-repeated tweet about Felipe VI’s style at Wimbledon, Guy seems to have taken an interest in the Spanish aristocracy. A short month ago, on April 17, a thread it also received thousands of “likes” and gained notable visibility over another well-known figure of the national nobility, Fernando Fitz-James Stuart.

“You have heard of the King of Spain, now prepare for the Duke of Huéscar.” expert wrote along with a photo of the aristocrat. As with Felipe VI in July, he accompanied the message with a thorough analysis of his clothing style.

“He may be the second most stylish living member of the royal family, after the King of Spain,” Guy assessed in an extensive thread in which he compared his style to other media figures and even launched new campaigns. another wink Fernando Fitz-James to Stuart’s father, the 19th Duke of Alba: “It is also remarkable that he is well-dressed. Here we can see that he is not thin. He carries some weight around his belly, as we would expect from someone of his age. But he dresses very well, according to the same principles.”

Image | House of HM the King

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