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The US military is testing drones to deliver medical supplies to war-torn areas.

Drones are devices that are changing the world. This time, the US Army is testing aircraft to deliver medical supplies such as blood...

Ukraine wants your help in creating an army of drones

O Ukrainian government launched earlier this month a campaign to form the first "army of drones"is an exceptional military unit for this - the...

Google has a BTS Easter egg in search and more gifts for the group’s fans

This SaturdayJuly 9South Korean group fan group btsknown as "ARMY(loosely translated, the title would be "Army"), finish before 9 (nine) years existence. To...

See photos of drones modified to drop bombs during the war between Russia and Ukraine

after Russian military drone with a Canon camera installed, the Ukrainian military shot down Drone Mavic 3production DJI, adapted to carry a grenade inside...

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