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Ukraine wants your help in creating an army of drones

O Ukrainian government launched earlier this month a campaign to form the first “army of drones“is an exceptional military unit for this – the whole world. Achieve this achievement and form the first”The power of drones“, a Ukraine asks for help from the international community, whether from other countries or from civilians affected Russian war and invasion of the territory of Ukraine. If you want to help, there are three ways to do so: donate money, new drones, or your old drone.

25.07.2022 at 10:35

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise and thermal drones may arrive in…

The specifications are still considered rumors, as they are unofficial.

Ukraine does not have an official drone division

While some of the world’s armed forces such as USA, England and Czech Republichave units dedicated to use dronesUkraine (like Brazil) does not have a battalion or company to operate unmanned combat aircraft (UAVwhich means Unmanned combat aircraft), also called combat drones.

The Ukrainian Air Force has six drones Bayraktar-TB2produced by a Turkish company Baikarthat make a difference in War with Russian invaders. Without putting soldiers’ lives at risk and being able to hit targets and keep track of enemy troops formed by an army with a much larger number of soldiers, drones are fundamental to Ukrainian defense. That is why Ukraine has launched an initiative to donate drones, or, as advertised on the campaign website, “dronation.”

Drone Bayraktar-TB2 it is operated by three soldiers and is of the medium altitude and long range type. Credits: Disclosure /Baikar.

Ukrainian army of drones

The definition of an army, battalion, company, regiment, etc. varies by country. project Drone Army Ukraine, which you can donate heretends to have a gigantic amount drones to guard more than 2,000 km of border with an invading neighbor. This amount lives up to the imagination of the Drone Armed Forces. And you can even donate unmanned aerial vehiclehow Mavic 3 that the Ukrainian soldiers themselves are throwing grenades instead of money.

OUR Russia’s war against Ukraine demonstrates a new warfare strategy using drone technology. Since Ukraine has a smaller army and suffered large territorial losses at the start of the invasion, the use of Bayraktar-TB2 drones made up for this difference. There have even been instances of volunteers using their drones to monitor and inform the armed forces about the movements of Russian soldiers.

A teenager became a war hero by flying a drone in Ukraine during an attack that destroyed a Russian train

A teenager became a war hero by flying a drone in Ukraine during an attack that destroyed a Russian train
At just 15 years old, the young man helped the Ukrainian artillery stop the advance of enemy soldiers.

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