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James Webb finds evidence of supermassive star brighter than 1 million suns

The James Webb Telescope has found evidence of supermassive stars brighter than 1 million Suns, according to information published in the journal Phys.Org. ...

Scientists measure the temperature of an Earth-like exoplanet with the help of James Webb

Astronomers have reported the first detection of light emitted by an Earth-like exoplanet using a space telescope. James Webb. The discovery was made...

Astronomers have found two potentially habitable planets orbiting a distant star

We are at the peak of space exploration and this is reflected in the more and more frequent discoveries of new planets. A NASA In...

The James Webb Telescope took a picture of a star 30 times the size of the Sun

astronomers from NASA took stunning pictures of a rare star called WR 124, located 15,000 light years from Earth, in the constellation Sagittarius. ...

Like Googlebot, ChatGPT is wrong about the first telescope to photograph a planet outside the solar system.

Despite their success as "encyclopedias" or even content producers, intelligence artificial are still not completely safe as a source of information because, like humans,...

Astronomers will use the world’s largest camera to capture 3.2 gigapixel images of space.

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory team of engineers announced that completion of the development of the world's largest camerawhich will be equipped in the...

James Webb Telescope captures images of dust rings around two stars

The James Webb Space Telescope has captured unusual dust patterns around two stars. It is estimated that these patterns are able to track...

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