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Discounts in China: Changan is trying to increase its sales in Russia

Changan's Russian office announced the launch of several marketing programs at once, which, according to brand experts, allow you to...

What cars are most often bought by Russians on credit

The most popular cars that our compatriots buy on credit are, as expected, domestic LADA models. But among foreign...

Russians began to actively lease Chinese cars

According to the results of the last winter month of 2023, Russian motorists, along with LADA products, were actively leasing...

Russian banks are increasingly selling Chinese electric trains to citizens

The electric car hysteria is gaining momentum in Russia. Virtually unclaimed by the mass buyer, 'electric trains' are gaining...

Which cars most often end up in car pawnshops

At the height of the raging crisis, our compatriots began to actively leave their cars as collateral when obtaining a...

Know-how: looking for profitable schemes for buying a car in a crisis

The stagnant domestic auto market, with its dire shortage and high costs, has left potential buyers of both new and...

Russians began to lease used foreign cars en masse

It's remarkable, but people refocused on the secondary market. Including lease cars. A year ago, used leased cars...

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