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YouTube partners with Google to use AI to improve video descriptions

Google DeepMind announced this Wednesday (24) a partnership with YouTube to implement the Flamingo visual language model on the platform. THEREHelps create metadata...

ChatGPT creator talks about AI in the US Senate

Sam Altman, one of the leaders of OpenAI, recently spoke before the US Senate about the potential negative effects of artificial intelligence (AI), bringing...

YouTube is testing a feature that blocks access using ad blockers

ABOUT YouTubethe world's most popular video sharing platform, is testing a new measure to combat the use of ad blockers. Recently, a Reddit...

With NBA Stars, Google Accidentally Posts Video With More Details About Pixel Fold

advertising from Pixel foldnew foldable smartphone Google, was released in an uncredited YouTube video featuring several NBA stars and detailed footage of everyday use...

Cadillac: Automaker’s electric car shown in video filmed in the US; check

A cadillac it is known for its luxury cars; however, the novelty this time is its Electric SUV, which appeared on a video...

Google Adds Podcasts to Youtube Music for iOS and Web

ABOUT Google pays more attention to podcasts in YouTube in recent months, after adding our tools and sections to the video streaming platform, the...

YouTube will stream all performances from the six stages of Coachella 2023

Music lovers look forward to the festival Coachella 2023 can get even more excited because YouTube have confirmed that they will be broadcasting all...

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