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Video | Activists steal lambs from the estate of King Carlos III

Animal climb reported that three of its members, identified as Rose, Sarah and Rose, had infiltrated Appleton Farm land owned by King Carlos III in order to save three lambs, who will soon be sent to the slaughterhouse.

The rescue happened at around 8:00 pm this Wednesday, the organization clarified that the animals had been moved to safety and said they had been given names. Sammy, Sunny and Ember.

Animal Rising explained that this promotion is unlikely the first work in the Open Salvation series which he will hold this summer to protect animals from being exploited by the food industry.

Correcting these relationships and working to adapt our food system will not only free us from the moral and ecological shackles of animal husbandry, but also will allow us to restore nature and prevent the worst consequences of the climate crisis.

Rescuers surrender to police

On the other hand, Animal Rising commented that saviors of the lambs surrendered voluntarily to the police because he said, “Saving animals from harm is the right thing to do.”

“These women acted out of compassion and believe that the jury of ordinary people will be on the side of care and freedom. This is how we will mend our broken relationship with animals,” the organization said.

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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