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Alteryx empowers data platform with generative AI

Data specialist Alteryx has developed a new generative AI engine for its Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform. The aim is to increase the productivity and efficiency of its customers.

Generative artificial intelligence is rapidly conquering the digital world. The next company to integrate technology more into its operations is Alteryx. The data analytics specialist recently enhanced its Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform with AI.


Alteryx is best known for its ETL tools designed for “extract, transform and load‘. Companies use these tools to prepare huge amounts of data for analysis. For this purpose, the Analytics Cloud Platform contains a whole range of business tools and possibilities.

New platform

During its Inspire 2023 annual conference, Alteryx actually announced an entirely new platform, Alteryx AiDIN. It combines generative AI and large language models with Alteryx Analytics. It’s a logical new step after acquiring competitor Trifacta last year; already existed machine learning worked

AiDIN expands the Analytics Cloud with generative AI and delivers new automatic insights under the name Magic Document. Alteryx thus generates significantly better overviews and even PowerPoint presentations based on specific data.

In addition, AiDIN also offers OpenAI Connector, a new feature that integrates generative AI into Alteryx Designer workflows. Using drag-and-drop, users can create natural language presentations, again based on specific data.

Source: IT Daily



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