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CEO OpenAI warns of massive job losses due to artificial intelligence

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, warns that artificial intelligence could take on many roles within a decade.

According to Sam Altman, generative AI threatens the jobs of professionals in many industries. He suspects that technology will replace many human jobs in the next ten years.

Not only

He recently voiced his concerns in a blog along with two other top OpenAI figures: President Greg Brockman and Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever. It seems ironic, and maybe even a little cynical, that people in this position would warn about the dangers of artificial intelligence, but they’re certainly not the first in the industry to share their concerns with the world.

In recent months, AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton has left Google to speak openly about the risks in his field. We saw the release of an open letter signed by thousands of people in the tech world — including even Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak — calling for AI research to be paused for six months so society can better prepare for the inevitable effects is prepared. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, also recently expressed his reservations about the technology.

It’s also not the first time Sam Altman has spoken publicly about the risks of artificial intelligence. He previously did so live before a congressional committee in the US, even using the term “creepy AI” in a recent interview with Fox News Digital.

job loss

In this specific case, the warnings therefore relate primarily to the future of many jobs. Altman fears that within ten years, artificial intelligence will far surpass the skills of many experts, coupled with greater productivity.

Global concerns and actions

Fears about jobs are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the ever-growing distrust of artificial intelligence. The fact that technology may eventually replace even humans is a real fear for many. For example, there is a fear that AI can develop completely new germs that humans have no chance against.

However, we are now seeing collaboration between the EU and current Google boss Sundar Pichai on the European AI pact, and artificial intelligence has also appeared on the radar of the G7. General panic is therefore not immediately on the agenda.

Source: IT Daily



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