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New Jersey became the first state to provide free psychological help to university students.

State New Jerseyin the US this week were the first proposals free psychological support To university studentsthrough the program video call treatmentwhich has a state subsidy of 10 million dollars.

Program “sweptl”, with a potential audience 1.5 million studentscomes from recent studies conducted by the state to analyze the levels stress And anxiety in the student body, what with pandemic Covid-19 has increased dramatically.

According to a survey conducted by the organization department of higher education New Jersey Fall 2021 over 70% of students ensured that their level stress and from anxiety was older or much older than the year beforewhen a health emergency has not yet been declared, while 40% said he was worried about her mental health as a consequence of the pandemic.

Adam Ring, vice president of the platform responsible for helping students, told EFE that before the pandemic, students were already experiencing anxiety, depression and injurybut with the pandemicthe problem got worse“.

“I think that many students feel very pressed for achievement success. Questions like economic environment can complicate the task and world events they can create additional stress,” the strategist added.

Ring also noted that over the past few years, college students have hosted greater opening talk about your mental health problems“And they ask for help when they need it, which is great,” he stressed.

He also explained the details of the program in which any student can contact With accredited expert and according to your preference, 24 hours days seven days a weekso that the professional and the student can see each other through the screen.

“This is a very exciting initiative for New Jersey students and an incredible opportunity for them to get the support they need when they need it. This is also the first time that the state has taken over this obligation and we think New Jersey might be model for many other states United States,” Ring concluded in an interview with EFE.

According to EFE

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