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UN selects Brazil to host COP30 in 2025

President of Brazil Luis Inacio Lula da Silvaannounced this Friday that the United Nations has confirmed Brazil as headquarters climate summit KS30which will take place in 2025.

He also confirmed that KS30 It will take place in the town of Belém, near the mouth of the Amazon River in the Atlantic Ocean, and the confirmation from the United Nations is considered “extreme news” for the country.

Photo: Reuters

I have already participated in one KS in Egypt, in another in Copenhagen, and in all the people he speaks of AmazonHe only talks about Amazon“, but having never visited the region, the President said in a video posted on his social media, in which he announced the decision UN.

“He always said why not do KS V Amazonfor everyone to know Amazon and see what rivers Amazonjungle Amazon and fauna of Amazonhe added Lulaaccompanied on video by Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira and the governor of the Amazonian state of Para, Helder Barballo.

Brazil was chosen United Nations as headquarters KS25 2019 but far right Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022), who assumed the presidency of the country in the same year, refused to take over the organization of the event, which eventually took place in Spain.

Photo: Reuters

During his four years in office Bolsonaro promoted an aggressive development policy in Amazon and disbanded all environmental authorities that Lula has begun to strengthen again since he took office last January.

In addition, he resumed protection programs Amazon and fight the climate crisis that existed before coming to power Bolsonaro and strengthened Ministry of the Environmentjust as he created a portfolio dedicated exclusively to indigenous peoples.


Source: Aristegui Noticias



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