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Google Wallet will allow us to save any card with a photo and more news on the way

With the coming of summer, Google has announced a host of new features for its operating system and apps as part of its quarterly news package. Google Wallet, ex-Google Pay on steroidshas its own margin of addition.

Google presents us with five new features of Google Wallet that will be available soon. The most important among them is what we can finally do. Add almost anything with a QR codewith personalized transitions from a photo.

Scan transitions with camera

When adding a loyalty card or pass to Google Wallet, you depend on whether that card is available in the system to choose from, which isn’t always the case. It will be possible soon Save everything with QR codewith a photo.

It is an important innovation as we can create personalized cards by entering scanning the name, description and code of a photo where the barcode or QR of the physical card appears, so we create a virtual copy on our mobile that we can take anywhere.

safe passages

A library card is not the same as a Social Security card, and Google Wallet handles them differently. are cards containing sensitive information they will be displayed as custom passes labeled with added security.

To see such transitions we will need identify us using our fingerprint or a PIN code. They are currently available in very few cases, such as membership cards for some insurance companies in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Support for personal identity

To go

Google wants you Let’s carry our ID card in WalletHowever, in order to achieve this, you must first convince all relevant organizations, which is not easy. For now, personal identification support is starting small with the US state of Maryland. Arizona, Colorado and Georgia will join later.

This ID card or Digitized driver’s license in Wallet At certain airports in the United States, using it as a personal ID will suffice to get through security, while it will then be used to rent a car or verify online accounts.

Save passes from Google Messages

Google’s messaging app and Wallet join forces so you can: save transitions directly from an RCS message. “After” will come.

This is an innovation that we can test in Spain before anyone else, because soon to be launched in Spain by Renfe, in addition to the airline of Vietnam Airlines. This system will also be available in restaurant reservation services such as TagMe.

Special passes and more transport passes

Google Wallet also custom id card for businessas a private, secure and easy way to access the company building, cafeterias and more.

On the other hand, Google continues to increase its support for transportation cards from more and more regions. For example, it is now possible Save Deutschlandticket to Wallet To access all public transport in Germany.

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