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Microsoft is preparing an Xbox set-top box and an app for Samsung smart TVs

According to VentureBeat, Microsoft will expand the presence of the Xbox ecosystem: cloud gaming will be available not only on PCs and smartphones, but also on TV.

In the next 12 months, Microsoft plans to launch a set-top box designed to connect to the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform. It will likely be an extremely compact device in the form of a TV keychain or “washer” like the Chromecast. It is also reported that the device will reportedly offer a library of movies and TV shows in addition to game streaming.

However, Samsung smart TV owners will not need a set-top box: Microsoft is already working closely with the Korean manufacturer and is developing a program designed to connect to Xbox services. Its release is expected within 12 months.

Microsoft’s new venture is unlikely to come as a surprise: the company has repeatedly stated that it wants to gain access to the Xbox ecosystem by whatever means, even though it prefers consoles that invest significant resources. And for set-top boxes and smart TVs, the program is more geared towards viewers who are not ready to pay a substantial amount for games.

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