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With this free app you can use your Android mobile phone as a portable speaker or microphone for your computer: this is how it works

Laptops have built-in speakers, and most computer monitors do as well. Of course, sound output quality is another story, so in the absence of external speakers they can get them out of trouble. However, if your computer’s speakers are not working, not working as they should, or if you just want to take advantage of your phone’s speakers, With this application you can turn your mobile phone into a portable speaker..

The application in question is Audio Relay and is used for: Stream wired and wireless audio from Android phones. Or vice versa, as we’ll see later.

To connect the phone to the computer you need to install the PC version of AudioRelay, you can do this if you already have it. Android, macOS or Linux. Even on another Android device like a tablet.

Because when you install the app on both devices, you can choose Who acts as the speaker (player) and who acts as the sound source (presenter)?.

  • Download AudioRelay for Android, macOS, Windows or Linux.

Using your phone as a speaker for another device

For this article, we used an Android phone, an HP Pavilion computer with Windows 11 to use as speaker and presenter.

First, install the application on your phone and on your computer with the appropriate file. Enter the application on the computer and open it to run the installer. Make sure to leave the four options you see below these lines checked:

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Some computers require you to reboot after installation. After installing the application on both computers, connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Now go to the phone app and tap on ‘ on the first screen.To start‘. ‘ sectionPresenterYou should find your computer on the ‘ Player page. If not, update. Tap their name to start the connection. We will use our phone as a player.


After that, when you open the application on your computer, your phone ‘Links‘ inside the Servers page.

sound relay

Now you can play any sound from your computer and it will play on your phone. Note that you can also edit the phone’s sound from the computer. To stop the audio transmission, simply tap on ‘.Arrest‘.

if you want connect various devices such as speakers to mount a kind of stereo in various directionsthen you will need the premium (paid) version, but the free version only works for one speaker (the other downside is that it contains ads).

Note: The functions don’t end there, because it’s also you can use your android phone as microphone for your computersomething you can do by going to the Player page on your computer and selecting the microphone option.

No Wi-Fi or bad lag? tie them up

The problem with the wireless connection is the latency. I’ve been using it to see episodes of a series and it’s been invaluable, but if the latency increases or you cannot connect us to the same Wi-Fi networkYou can choose a wired connection.

The variation is to connect the computer and phone first so that when they are recognized ‘USB tethering‘.


Now enter the ‘Settings‘and mark’usb modems‘. Now in the ‘Servers’ section of the phone app select the computer and on the computer ‘Links‘ will be your mobile phone: now you can play the audio on the computer and play it on the phone.

AudioRelay:Audio splitter

AudioRelay:Audio splitter

Free with in-app purchases

Download for free

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