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Leaked details about Google Tensor 3, the processor that Pixel 8 should be equipped with

Google is expanding the Pixel family and preparing to launch the Pixel 8 series. The new phones are expected to come with a number of unique features, including Tensor G3 processor. The recently leaked details about the Pixel 8’s processor reveal a little more information about the hardware that should be on the device.

Initial Information Indicates Google Plans to Make Composition the new device has nine cores. Thus, the rumor suggests that it will be equipped with four Cortex-A510 cores, four Cortex A-715 cores, and a Cortex-X3 core. It is also expected to have more updated colors.

Another novelty presented by the leak for the Pixel 8 line is related to the graphical part of the device. This is because it is possible that he has a Mali-G715. Among the main features is support for ray tracing, which can provide even more impressive visual effects in games. The cell phone must be the first to support AV1 encoding.

Rumors suggest improvements in device performance

However, one of the big news that Google has in store for the Pixel 8 has to do with the use of artificial intelligence. This is because the leaks indicate that it will be equipped with a new 1.1GHz TPU chip. Details in this sense are somewhat more limited.

The Tensor Processing Unit is one of the defining features of Google’s custom chips, and the G3 has an improved version. Dubbed “Rio”, this new TPU should provide a significant performance boost if the rumors are indeed true.

Another major change is the addition of a new UFS controller. UFS stands for Universal Flash Storage and this type of storage is used in most smartphones. The new UFS controller supports UFS 4.0 storage, which is the latest and fastest version of UFS. This means that the Pixel 8 will be able to read and write data to storage much faster than previous Pixel models.

Pixel 8 Pro: Leaked video shows Google phone will have a thermometer

Pixel 8 Pro: Leaked video shows Google phone will have a thermometer
The cell phone will be released in 2023 and will have changes in the design of the rear cameras.

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