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Leaked details about Google Tensor 3, the processor that Pixel 8 should be equipped with

Google is expanding the Pixel family and preparing to launch the Pixel 8 series. The new phones are expected to come with a number...

Google was working on a second model of a foldable cell phone, but abandoned the project

A Google introduced its first foldable smartphone called the Pixel Fold in early May of this year. However, the device took a long...

Google releases separate keyboard for Android tablets and foldable devices

A Google started releasing a new version of Android default keyboard for more devices, gboard. In the update, it gets a new visual...

Pixel phone users report overheating and high battery drain

Smartphone line owners google pixelmore specifically the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 families, there have been device issues in recent days. According to the...

Pixel Tablet officially unveiled: Google launches tablet again after 8 years

A Google announced this Wednesday (10) during Google I/O 2023 official return to the tablet market and a new assessment of the segment. ...

Pixel Line will get a separate volume setting for notifications and calls

On Pixel phones, for some reason, when the user decides to turn off the notification sounds, it also automatically mute the incoming call. ...

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra outperforms iPhone 14 Pro Max in tough performance test

Comparison test between the three best smartphones on the market currently Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraABOUT iPhone 14 Pro Max And google pixel 7 pro,...

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