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Pixel phone users report overheating and high battery drain

Smartphone line owners google pixelmore specifically the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 families, there have been device issues in recent days.

According to the website Engadgetwho received a report from a reader, cell phones in recent weeks overheat This represents unregulated and intense battery consumption.

“I haven’t touched my phone in the last hour. And it’s just been on a standard wireless charger. (…) It’s still very hot and if I switched to another version again [do firmware]I wouldn’t have noticed an increase in phone battery life,” the report says, which is very similar to several other cases listed on Reddit and Google’s own support forum.

What’s happened?

According to consumers, it is likely that update released by the company last Friday (12) be a problem, since it was from this setting that performance deteriorated.

that is, some software incompatibility this seems to result in both battery drain (which happens to Google’s own app and elements of the Android system in particular) and temperature rise.

Last week during the opening of the conference Google I/O 2023the company introduced new devices from the Pixel family, including a foldable smartphone and an inexpensive cell phone, and also released a new beta version of Android 14.

What to do?

More there is no definitive solution that works for everyonebut Pixel users eligible for this report you can do a system restore to the previous version in Android settings. This did not solve all cases, but on most devices it is a mitigating factor.

For now, Google has not commented on this case.but the company should put the current update on hold and send a new download shortly that fixes the issues presented.

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Source: Engadget


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