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Delegates proposed fining drivers for filming videos while driving

United Russia deputy Sultan Khamzaev believes that filming videos while driving should be considered an offense and punishable by a...

Why Moscow drivers began to actively use car sun visors

Car windscreens have been fitted with sun visors since time immemorial: you can find them on retro, classic and the...

Motorola launches limited edition Motorola razr 40 ultra in blue

A Motorola announced the release of the long-awaited limited edition motorola razr 40 ultra in elegant blue. Combining cutting-edge performance, 5G technology and...

Android 4.4 KitKat is officially coming to an end

Last Monday (24) Google announced that support for Android KitKat will be discontinued in new versions of Google Play Services starting in August 2023....

OPPO K11 smartphone announced with Snapdragon 782G processor and 50-megapixel camera

OPPO announced the launch in China of its new smartphone OPPO K11. The device is an intermediate model, the main advantage of...

Compaq Explains the Differences and Benefits of Snapdragon Laptops

The line between PCs, laptops and smartphones is getting thinner. As technological solutions make processes more dynamic and less dependent on raw computing...

Realme C51 smartphone announced: 50 MP camera and 5000 mAh battery

Realme announced the launch in Taiwan of its Smartphone Realme C51. The device is an entry-level model equipped with a chip unisex which...

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