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Compaq Explains the Differences and Benefits of Snapdragon Laptops

The line between PCs, laptops and smartphones is getting thinner. As technological solutions make processes more dynamic and less dependent on raw computing power, performance is split between hardware, software, cloud, and artificial intelligence. This allows less powerful devices to perform tasks that were previously reserved for powerful hardware—usually desktop computers.

With such applications, laptops such as the Compaq 5000 with a Snapdragon – more common in smartphones – will become a universal choice for those who need mobility and good performance. To talk about the differences of this option, Camilo Stefanelli, who is in charge of Compaq in Brazil, told us about the advantages of using a laptop that uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Benefits of a laptop with a Snapdragon processor

Although at present the versatility of devices with different purposes, but capable of performing the same task, is only a matter of preference, users should pay attention to what role the machine will play in their daily lives. Even if there are several solutions that equate hardware to different configurations, there are still features that will be more adequately catered for by specific devices. So, if you want to play with graphics at maximum settings, 4K and RTX, the best option would be a desktop with a dedicated GPU, or even appropriate gaming laptops if portability is important to you. This is just one example, but we can find other cases, so it’s important to pay attention to your purpose when buying a car. But if it’s just a matter of preference in how it works, machines like the Compaq 5000 might suit your needs.

03/14/2023 at 16:55

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The Snapdragon-powered Compaq 5000 has a number of features that complement the user experience, the company said. It features a 15.6-inch anti-glare LCD widescreen; 128GB or 256GB UFS storage capacity, 4GB or 8GB RAM and HD camera; weighs only 1.63 kg, has an ergonomic ABNT2 keyboard with a set of built-in numeric keys; it is resistant to liquid spills up to 300 ml and comes with Windows 11.

Compaq 5000 Snapdragon Notebook Specifications

  • Processor: Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 Computing Platform – Clock speed up to 2.55 GHz;
  • GPU: Qualcomm Adreno GPU;
  • RAM: LPDDR4x 4GB/8GB;
  • Storage (ROM): 128GB/256GB UFS;
  • Camera: 720p;
  • LCD: 15.6″, 16:9 aspect ratio, HD, 1366*x768, TN;
  • Network: IEEE 802.11ac 2×2 (compatible with AC/a/b/g/n) 2×2 + BluetoothTL 5.0;
  • Battery: 5300 mAh, 40 Wh;
  • Kensington Castle;
  • Interfaces: HDMI 1.4, 1x USB Type A 3.0 / 1x USB Type C 2.0 / 1x USB Type A 2.0 / Micro SD card reader / 1x headphone jack.

Processor and Instant On

When choosing a computer processor model, the user must take into account the type of tasks that he needs to perform in his routine, which does not necessarily mean choosing the most advanced model. For example, the Snapdragon computing platform machine is clocked at up to 2.55 GHz and combines the best technologies preferred by mobile users with PC performance and Windows 11 operating system.

It is important to note that there is no single ideal processor model. The choice of this component should be based on the needs of each user. In the case of laptops with Snapdragon processors, the main benefits are related to the increase in performance, security and optimization for routine activities. This component expands the capabilities of a machine designed for those who want to learn and perform everyday tasks, providing unique accessibility, mobility, performance and battery life in its category and price range.“, emphasizes Camilo.

For example, the “Instant On” feature, which is exclusive to the Compaq 500 laptop with a Snapdragon processor, allows the user to turn on or turn on their machine almost instantly. “Just like on smartphones, just press a button and start using your laptop. This is one of the standout features that is only possible with Snapdragon processor technology and speed.“.

Standard UFS storage

Another fundamental aspect when choosing a laptop is that the amount of memory can also be optimized through the choice of processor, since Snapdragon memory is built into the component itself. The UFS (Universal Flash Memory) standard provides read and write speeds similar to those of an SSD (Solid State Drive) and allows the user to copy files or install applications, for example, in less time than the eMMC (Integrated Multimedia Card) standard.

07/11/2023 at 14:05

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This is because, in addition to simultaneously reading and writing data, UFS has two channels to perform these functions. In other words, it improves the performance of a mobile phone or laptop, allowing the device to open and install applications in less time, save photos and videos, and even perform better when multitasking or in any use that involves reading and writing data, random or sequential.“, – explains the performer.

Mobility and battery life

The Snapdragon platform also has the advantage of optimized power consumption, which often worries users who are always on the move and need to charge their computer during the work day. In this regard, the Compaq 5000 Snapdragon has an extended battery life, which can reach up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge. This advantage is only possible thanks to the ARM (Acorn RISC Machine) architecture, which requires fewer transistors and achieves extremely low power consumption.

With the Compaq 5000 Snapdragon, the user has a battery capable of handling long hours of use, with plenty of time to complete everyday tasks away from outlets. Up to 15 hours of battery life, nearly double that of commercially available x86 products, provides the freedom and mobility consumers need.“.

fanless system

In addition to knowing how to choose good machines for their needs, the user should always be concerned about how to maintain them. For example, excess heat generated and stored inside a computer can shorten its lifespan and cause both battery and overall performance problems, causing instability and overheating. However, models equipped with a Snapdragon processor have a fanless system designed to keep the hardware cool during use without the need for fans or coolers.

If your computer doesn’t have a good ventilation system, it won’t work perfectly, especially for PC users who don’t support their hardware on suitable surfaces. Thus, a fanless system gives the user peace of mind and the assurance that the equipment will not overheat and also reduces any type of noise.” concludes Camilo.

The Compaq 5000 series is priced starting at R$1999 at major retailers or on the brand’s website.

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