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IAPA Condemns Guatemala for ‘Intimidation’ and ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Journalists

Inter-American Press Association (SIP) denounced public service from Guatemala fulfill “acts of intimidation” And “Witch-hunt” against the middle newspaperwhen asking him to deliver publications and opinions journalistscritics judiciary” in the midst of a trial against journalist José Rubén Zamora Marroquín.

In a statement, IAPA was assured that the deputy was investigating the activities of communicators and journalists “on the grounds that their criticism and complaints about violations in a lawsuit against Zamora interfere with judicial work“.

Thus, the organization cited a document from the prosecutor’s office dated May 31, in which elPeriódico requested the delivery of all publications distributed between from July 22, 2022 to May this year made by Zamora, which the president middle; V director, Julia Corado; V journalists Gerson Ortiz, Julia Corado, Christian Veliks, Alexander Valdes, Roni Rios and Denis Aguilar; And small columns Edgar Gutierrez and Gonzalo Marroquin, who was IAPA President.

“We are facing a clear act of intimidation of everything journalism from Guatemala. Is this message or threat to the function of journalism to control and inform the authorities through its investigations, complaints and opinions,” complained the President of IAPA, Michael Greensonwho is also Global Head of Print Licensing and Innovation for The newspaper “New York Times.

For his part, the president Press Freedom Commission IAPA, Carlos Jornetadded that it criminal process against nine journalists exhibits” Witch-hunt in which the political power of Guatemala is immersed in make them fall silent everyone independent journalism and criticize the country.

Jose Ruben Zamora Marroquin67 years old is a prisoner in a prison north of Guatemala City since July 29, 2022, where he faces a possible offer from 40 years Certainly money laundering, blackmail and influence tradingfive days after he posted a strong critics against the president Alexander Giammatte To corruption.

This fact has been strongly condemned by various media and organizations press National and internationalpointing to violations that exist in the proceedings against Zamora, as well as the absence transparency, because of the process and the independence of the judiciary.

According to EFE

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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